Low Carbon Christmas

We had a fantastic evening last night at LCI discussing how we could have a lower carbon Christmas. Ed Carlisle shared some of the research around the climate crisis and lots of ideas about how we can get clued up but also stay hopeful that change can happen. He then shared his top tips for a low carbon Christmas, my personal favourites being: buy wetsuits so you can swim in the sea in the UK and don’t have to fly abroad; and make homemade jam for your neighbours so you get to know your neighbours as well.

We then made some personal pledges for our own Christmas, reflected in the labyrinth, made Christmas cards to thank people reducing the city’s climate emergency and made tree decorations to help us think about the climate over the festive period. Below are the instructions for this if you want to do it at home.

Feedback was mostly positive with the main complain being they wanted longer so they could go to all the activities. So watch this space as there will be more coming in 2020!

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